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The entire guide is a help manual. If you don't find information you need here but find it elsewhere, please add it to the guide so the next reader will benefit. That's what a wiki is for.

(K)Ubuntuguide's version of MediaWiki was updated recently and now has strong spam filters. This may be frustrating for contributors but has substantially cut down on spam. Scripts must be allowed for (and in order to make contributions. Most problems with contributions not being accepted can be solved by merely reloading the page (sometimes several times). This clears/reloads the cache and allows (a registered user) to submit their contribution (eventually). You have to be motivated to submit your contribution to Ubuntuguide! (If you are still having problems and would like to submit a tip or suggestion by email, see here.)

This site uses MediaWiki. For help learning how to edit this site, see the MediaWiki help page.

If you wish to translate (K)Ubuntuguide into your own language, please copy the code from the English page and paste it into the page for your language. (You can use the Google Translate tool as an aid to assist translation.) Please do not add non-English additions to the English pages.

Please feel free to add links to help pages in your own language on the special languages pages.

Let's face it. You can sometimes spend a lot of money on professional support and still not get things fixed properly. That's true for every technology. The old adage "you get what you pay for" isn't at all true in the era of the Internet, where knowledge and support groups (usually more extensive than the knowledgebase of most technicians) are only a click or two away. This is especially true for Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and Debian Linux.

No one can give perfect advice every time, but the most number of up-to-date support opinions (and people willing to give free advice) can be found at

When editing the English pages, the following English style guides are recommended (in this order):

(K)Ubuntuguide does not condone the sloppy English typical of many journalism style guides. Language standards, like those for software, should be exact in order to impart information accurately.

Mystery is the source of all true art and science.

Free... as in free pretzels that make you thirsty for more free beer.

I couldn't fix your brakes, so I made your horn louder.

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