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Kubuntu Precise Reviews
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If you have Kubuntu requests that you would like to be part of this guide, put them here.

  • Where do I get the plasmoid that shows the antsy Anteater? I understand that this widget is only available for Kubuntu Precise Pangolin...
"No, that is a cross between a plasmoid and a widget, called a phidget. Phidgets seem to move around the desktop far too quickly." --perspectoff
  • I want to use the miniature version of a widget. Is that available?
"Yes, the mini widget is called a midget." --perspectoff
  • Please speed up Kubuntuguide and/or create a mirror. I love it!
"Hey, throw me a bone here. It costs money for bandwidth, you know..."
  • How can I sponsor Ubuntuguide/Kubuntuguide?


Other operating systems similar to Kubuntu

  • Netrunner is a Linux OS that is based on Kubuntu (but with many of the applications recommended in Kubuntuguide incorporated into it).
  • Linux Mint KDE 13 is a KDE-based Linux OS similar to Kubuntu Precise.

Import this guide into another wiki

  • How do I import a copy of Kubuntuguide into my own wiki?
See this page.

eBook version of this guide

  • See the Books Category for free Kubuntu eBooks based on this help guide.
  • There is an option in the menu bar at the left entitled "Printable version" which formats pages for easier printing. You can print this (or any other document) to a PDF file easily. By default, Kubuntu includes a "Print to File" option from its Print menu. Use this option to print anything appearing in your browser into a PDF file. From Firefox (or any other browser or program):
File -> Print -> Print to File -> Output Format: PDF
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