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This selection of articles can be downloaded as an eBook (see bottom of page).
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KubuntuGuide Oneiric

This eBook is approximately 500 pages.

Part 1


Part 2

KubuntuGuide Part 2

Pages included in Part 2:

Boot from a Live CD
Multiple OS Installation
Manipulating Partitions
Virtualbox in Windows
Android emulation
Video Conversion
EBook Conversion
Transparent Image Backgrounds
Email with PGP
Mail Server setup
Dynamic IP servers
FTP tips
Using SSH to Port Forward
Limit the user accounts that can connect through OpenSSH remotely
OpenVPN server Karmic
Apache2 reverse proxies
MediaWiki tips
Mediawiki site building tips
Collections tips
PdfBook tips
Drupal6 tips
Drupal site building tips
Moodle tips
DAViCal tips
DAViCal current version
Skulltag tips
Dolphin file manager
Kubuntuguide XML exports
Kubuntuguide:Community portal

Part 3

This part will not be needed by the average user.

KubuntuGuide Part 3

Pages included in Part 3:

Ultimate Server Lucid K
Ultimate Server Lucid Customization
Ultimate Server Lucid K with OpenVistA EHR
OpenVistA EHR‎
WorldVistA tips

Downloadable Archives

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