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mIRC (Internet Relay Chat)

mIRC has been around for decades and is the archetypal IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.

Konversation (IRC client)

Konversation is the closest Linux app to mIRC and is highly recommended over the alternatives. However, Konversation does not run the scripts that were written for mIRC. (For this you will need to run mIRC in Wine.) Make sure you have ports 6667-6670 open in your firewall to use IRC (and ports 1024-1028 open to use DCC). "A little less action and a little more Konversation." -- Elvis. Install:

sudo apt-get install konversation


K menu -> Internet -> Konversation
  • Konversation can be used with Tor. See here.

XChat (IRC client)

XChat is a cross-platform IRC client that allows DCC downloads and scripts. Install:

sudo apt-get install xchat
or a Gnome-integrated version:
sudo apt-get install xchat-gnome
  • XChat can be used with Tor. See here.

mIRC in Wine

The best version of mIRC was 5.91 (because it was the final universal 16-bit version, because it had no restrictions, and, well, because it had the most functionality), although version 6.02 also worked passably well. After those versions the author added too many ads and restrictive conditions to make the program usable. Download one of the old versions.


  • Install Epic5:
sudo apt-get install epic5
  • Install Epic4 and the script package for it:
sudo apt-get install epic4 epic4-script-lice


  • BitchX is the closest Linux-compatible app to mIRC that has scripts. it is not the most user-friendly, and it is not oriented toward English-speaking usage, but it is one of the few IRC apps with scripts (such as mp3srv), and that is an important thing. If you need scripts, consider it. Install:
sudo mkdir /etc/BitchX
cd /etc/BitchX
sudo wget http://www.bitchx.com/download/BitchX-1.1-final-linux.tar.gz
sudo tar xvf BitchX*.tar.gz
  • BitchX is a command line program. Start from a command line terminal or from a menu item:
etc/BitchX/BitchX ircnickname ircserver.ircserverdomain.com,6667
  • BitchX can be used with Tor. See here.
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