Ubuntu Raring Home Security and Automation


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Ubuntu Raring Home Security and Automation
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Home Automation / Home Theater / Home Security

Complete Systems

Linux MCE (Media Center Edition)

LinuxMCE is an integrated home theater/home security/home automation/telephone PBX/intercom system for your home. It incorporates MythTV, Pluto home automation, Motion security surveillance, Asterisk PBX, VDR video disk recorder, and other home automation/security/theater packages in an integrated platform. It is available in 32 and 64 bit versions. LinuxMCE can run either as a standalone Home Theater PC or can co-ordinate a fully networked home, using the networking capabilities that are intrinsically part of the (K)Ubuntu Linux OS. For more info see the LinuxMCE website or wiki.

The most recent stable version runs on Kubuntu 8.04 (Hardy). A beta version for Kubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) has been released, and the full version is anticipated soon. LinuxMCE can be installed at the same time as the Kubuntu OS (on a new PC with an nVidia graphics card), with a single DVD installation. Alternatively, Kubuntu can be installed first and LinuxMCE then installed from a 2 CD installation.

Other systems in development

  • MisterHouse -- a Perl-script based open source home automation project. See the example Ubuntu server installation walkthrough.
  • Minerva -- home automation and multimedia control with a GUI interface. It can even hook into Google Calendar.
  • DomotiGa -- home automation software from the Netherlands, using a MySQL database.
  • NetHomeServer is a Java-based cross-platform automation system authored by a single coder. It is in alpha development but can be downloaded from the website and evaluated.
  • The Wosh framework is message-based middleware to effect home automation processes. The project is in early development.
  • Linux Home Automation contains information regarding many nascent home automation projects.

Home Security

Zoneminder surveillance system

Zoneminder manages surveillance cameras and stores images on the hard disk. Images can be viewed using a (LAMP) server remotely. X10 devices can be triggered using built-in perl scripts. Install:

sudo apt-get install zoneminder ffmpeg
Myth Zoneminder

MythZoneminder allows you to view your security cameras through Myth TV, essentially. It is a plugin that interfaces the two packages Zoneminder (which must be working on your system) and Myth TV (which must also be working.) See the installation instructions. Install:

sudo apt-get install mythzoneminder
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