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From 2007 - 2013 I edited the English editions (grammar, spelling, and wiki appearance) of KubuntuGuide and UbuntuGuide, with the help of the excellent contributions by the users who added them. In 2012 I merged / with During the same period I also ran a website called Ubuntu Doctors Guild. In early 2012 I moved some of my systems to Debian (with a KDE desktop) while maintaining multiple Kubuntu installations.

As of early 2014 I am only intermittently involved with the maintenance of this website.

I have been interested in distributed networks ("cloud computing") using Debian/Ubuntu/Kubuntu, especially using the Logical Volume Manager, RAID, and datacenter management tools that are useful for small- and medium-sized businesses.

I am also an advocate for open-source (GPL-licensed) software solutions in health care, as a basis for a United States national health care system. I have served on a national standards committee regarding Health Information Technology in the US. A few years ago I created the (K)Ubuntu-derived Ubuntu-Med system (which is no longer maintained in its original form) and have now decided to focus on the Debian-Med toolset instead, incorporating generic server functions into it.



I originally wrote software and software documentation for a large aerospace project and then for several military projects.

I was a UNIX and VMS user in the 1980s and networked two large organizations during the network protocol (TCP/IP) standardization period of the late 80s. I then made a detour to MS Windows for 10 years. Recently I have used Debian/(K)ubuntu over the past several years, on a network of triple boot systems (which includes multiple Windows-based boxes).

My home is wired using LinuxMCE (Media Center Edition) 7.10 running on Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), X10 controllers, surveillance cameras and motion detectors, and distributed multimedia.

My medium-large organization (which is healthcare-related) uses Debian/Ubuntu servers with Kolab for groupware, Kubuntu desktops, Drupal for collaborative web content, MediaWiki as a wiki, and WorldVistA as an electronic medical record system. We have also used DAViCal as a group calendar server, with Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning and Sunbird as clients. I have several advanced medical certifications, as well as several other degrees. I regularly collaborate with state and national governmental agencies (in the US) regarding health information technology.

I also regularly contribute to Wikipedia, especially on specialized software topics, including electronic medical records. Most of my philosophy in life comes from Buckaroo Banzai. I currently live and work in Northern California.


My e-mail is .

My involvement with this website is intermittent; my response time may be slow. Please contact one of the other Administrators if you need immediate attention. However, I will respond to sponsorship requests. Also, if you are having trouble making a submission to the 'guide, send it to me by email and I'll put it in for you (in a few days).


Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. (If you wish for peace, prepare for war.)

Until the Case is Sol-ved!


Police Chief Lundallah: He pulled himself across the floor using this wire. How else could he have avoided our radar field?
Inspector Clouseau: Yes, how else? Hmm. Of course, he would have needed a very slippery floor to do that...
Police Chief Lundallah: Therefore the wax.
Inspector Clouseau: The wax? ... AGHH! [Clouseau slips on the waxed floor and falls to the ground]
Col. Sharky: Are you all right, Inspector?
Inspector Clouseau: [on his knees] Of course I'm alright. I'm... examining the wax. [sniffs the wax on the floor] Have you taken a sample of this wax?
Police Chief Lundallah: Wax is wax!
Inspector Clouseau: See, this is where you are wrong. Wax is NOT just wax. In this case it is a clue. Domestic wax, Belgian Wax, French Wax, English Wax...
Col. Sharky: Ah, the Inspector is right. Have the wax tested immediately.


A secluded beach on Palau... or the desert of Black Rock City during Burning Man... sand is not just sand.

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