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Kubuntu Saucy Financial
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Financial Software

For a brief introduction, see this list of 10 Linux financial tools.

KMyMoney (Personal Finance Management)

KMyMoney is a personal finance manager that uses double entry accounting, the method professional accountants use. It is similar to MS-MyMoney and Intuit Quicken, with automatic setup of categories for businesses. It is designed for the KDE/Kubuntu desktop (but will work in Gnome/Ubuntu). Install:

sudo apt-get install kmymoney2

GnuCash (Personal Finance Management)

GnuCash is a free, open source GPL-licensed personal finance manager that uses double entry accounting like professional accountants. It is GTK-based (Gnome 2). The current version can be installed from source files (see the website for installation instructions), or the package version can be installed:

sudo apt-get install gnucash

Skrooge (Personal Finance Management)

Skrooge is a free, GPL-licensed personal finances manager written for the KDE desktop that is able to import/export data to/from many other finance managers.

sudo apt-get install skrooge

Moneydance (Personal Finance Management)

Moneydance is a commercial cross-platform Java-based personal finance manager similar to KMyMoney that sells for $50 per license.

SQL-Ledger (Enterprise Finance Management)

SQL-Ledger ERP is a free, open-source, platform independent double-accounting-method system and enterprise resource planner (inventory, work and purchase orders, taxes, etc.) that uses the SQL database server (PostgreSQL/Oracle/Mysql databases). It uses a web browser for an interface and be accessed remotely. It is extremely comprehensive and is available in many languages. Install:

sudo apt-get install sql-ledger

LedgerSMB (Enterprise Finance Management)

LedgerSMB is a fork of the SQL-Ledger project that offers fairly solid AR, AP, and GL tracking as well as inventory control. It is in rapid development and encourages community support. A Debian (.deb) package is available here.

WebERP (Enterprise Finance Management)

WebERP is a free, open-source enterprise resource planner and accounting suite similar to SQL-Ledger that uses a web browser as an interface. It runs on the LAMP server. It is somewhat difficult to implement and use, but conforms to strict accounting guidelines. Set up your LAMP server first, then install using the web site instructions.

Phreebooks (Enterprise Finance Management)

Phreebooks is a free open-source enterprise resource planner and accounting suite similar to WebERP. It also runs on a LAMP server. It is in active development in 2008. A demo is available at the website.

Quasar (Enterprise Finance Management)

Quasar is a proprietary Linux-based accounting suite similar to Quickbooks. For a single user without point-of-sale or networking needs, it is free. For other users it costs CA$500 per seat. An installer for KDE-based systems is here.

Document Management

Scanning receipts to PDF from Android

  • To scan receipts from an Android phone and then have them sent by email, use Smart Receipts, an open-source free utility from F-Droid.

Other Financial software

Stock Market monitoring software

  • BeanCounter - A stock portfolio performance monitoring tool. Install:
sudo apt-get install beancounter
  • Smtm - Show Me The Money is a configurable Perl/Tk stock ticker program. Written by the creator of BeanCounter.
sudo apt-get install smtm
  • Qtstalker - commodity and stock market charting and technical analysis
sudo apt-get install qtstalker


Bitcoin is an unregulated pseudo-currency that relies on anonymous peer-to-peer networking protocols for exchange.

  • Bitcoind is the backend daemon that handles the Bitcoin peer-to-peer networking. Install:
sudo apt-get install bitcoind
  • Bitcoin-Qt is the current GUI frontend for Bitcoin, which can be installed using the instructions on the Launchpad site.
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