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Many individual server packages (such as Apache2, MySQL, PHP, etc.) can be installed individually on either a Desktop edition or Server edition (using the tasksel command as described below). It is not necessary in general, therefore, to install Ubuntu Server if you only wish to use a few server packages on a Desktop edition.

The Server edition is optimised for speed and ease of monitoring and maintenance when implemented in large networks. Most of the instructions for server packages will work, however, on the Server edition, the Desktop edition, or on a Server edition with an Ubuntu or Kubuntu desktop installed on top of it.

Ubuntu Server edition installation

Note that Jaunty Jackalope is not a long-term support version, and there are many changes from Hardy Heron to Jaunty Jackalope, including some new bugs in Jaunty Jackalope. Unless new features, such as Xen (virtualization) support or the Tomcat (Java) server, are desired, some users highly recommend 8.04 Hardy Heron's stability (especially if planning to use a server/KDE 3.5 desktop combination).

There are many server packages that are available for installation (from the installation menu) when using the LiveCD. It is not critical to install them at initial installation, however, because most of these server packages can later be added (as a one-step task) using the tasksel command. For a list of server packages that can be installed at any time using the tasksel command:

sudo tasksel --list-tasks

Add a desktop to an Ubuntu Server

You can add a GUI desktop to any Ubuntu Server edition. Packages that require server capabilities (such as Drupal with Apache, etc.) are often happier when a Server edition is installed as the base. If you will use a large number of server packages, it is best to install Ubuntu Server edition first and then install the Ubuntu (Gnome) or Kubuntu (KDE) desktop afterwards. Add a desktop to any existing Server edition installation with the commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
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