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Arrgh, have you never heard of Captain GnuBeard?

His is a pirate software distribution network run from an offshore island (though there be offices in London).

He raids software concepts from big software corporations, like the Redmond East India Software Company and Granny Smith's Homespun Software Emporium ("started in her modest Cupertino garage" ™).

At the beginning of the decade he was given the Order of the Empire by the United Kingdom of Google (and is now known as Sir GnuBeard).

In fact, his piratical crew embodies concepts of classicalists such as Locke, Hobbes, and Stallman, and some say that true democracy lives here moreso than in any other software distribution network.

While some of his crew gets inebriated singing his praises, and while there are frequent congregations of his followers in far-off ports, GnuBeard himself stands as the overseer of all his crews and makes sure they do not stray far from "the code."

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