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Hey thanks for the DaviCAL updates, Andrew.

I love DaviCAL and use it daily (with Sunbird). Cheers!

Link back to DAViCal wiki

Because I have been duplicating my pages on your own DAViCal website anyway (in the Ubuntu installation section), it does not make sense for me to continue them here on Ubuntuguide. I therefore am making Ubuntuguide (starting with Ubuntu Maverick) link directly to your website so that you don't have to edit the Ubuntuguide instructions (here) any longer. You can just edit the Ubuntu instructions directly on your own DAViCal wiki (which makes more sense anyway).

Thanks for getting 0.9.9 into the main Debian (/Ubuntu) repositories, but also for setting up your own direct repositiories (for the most recent DAViCal) versions, which I always think is a great idea.

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