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Thank you for your interest in Ubuntuguide! I appreciate your efforts to update Ubuntuguide for the upcoming Trusty Tahr release.

However, as you see, it's a big job. I have an automated system to copy all the Saucy files to Trusty files (changing all the words Saucy to Trusty), and planned to do that next weekend (approx. April 18), just after the time of the Trusty release.

If you would like to wait until then, you can merely start editing what has changed in Ubuntu Trusty Tahr, rather than doing all the heavy lifting/grunt work of copying the pages. I'd appreciate that! (Of course, if you'd like to do it to learn the process, be my guest -- just don't be offended if some of your files are copied over by the system.)


Perspectoff 21:28, 13 April 2014 (UTC)

Howdy Mike-d. here, Sounds like your on it. Great.

I didn't see it there, so I thought I would try a bit on it. I have tried to help off and on over the years, but then I forget about the guide until I can't get my Ubuntu to do what I want it to do.

One of my concerns was about the commands. I was wondering if people actually try the commands.(I have used some in the past, and most worked, but some I think did not.) I am willing to help on that end, till I mess up my install, and can't fix it.(Then I move on to the next release, unless they are still bug-checking it).

I was having trouble getting commercial DVD's to play on my Wubi installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Beta, then I saw the guide again.

I have no problem with my input being copied-over, feel free to make whatever changes I made or not, I just enjoy the guide, and I try to remember to point it out to friends when they need something like this.

Thanks also for the stuff I have added that were kept, it's kinda fun to see it every once in a while.

Keep up the good work.

I also know I should submit my bug-stuff to Ubuntu bug reporting, and check there discussion groups. Thanks for putting up with me practicing my very limited html?, copy and paste, and preview vs. save page troubleshooting skills.

Thanks for the update and feedback.

Mike-d. out

P.S. I got this message a lot April 13th, 2014 PDT/PST(last night) when I tried to work on it. "Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data. Please try again. If it still does not work, try logging out and logging back in. "

Yeah, it drives me nuts, too. I'm located in California but the server is at the Univ. of Latvia (so it isn't under my control). They use a Squid proxy, which hasn't been updated for years. The caching system on it doesn't work that well, so that error message constantly shows up. My suggestion is to just keep hitting the "Refresh/Reload" button until it recognises your submission.

I'm mostly a Kubuntu user, so don't really know that much about Ubuntu's Unity interface (I've only used it a handful of times). I'm happy to have others work on the Ubuntu section of the 'guide.

The reason I keep the command-line commands is that they're easy to copy. It's easy to copy and paste command-line commands from the 'guide into your own command-line terminal. You can't do that with GUI instructions. While beginners like the GUI, experts prefer command-line commands.

Further, much of what I (and other expert users) do is script-based or cron-based jobs, and only command-line commands work for those. (Again, it's not something most beginners do...) So, while the 'guide is touted as a "beginner's guide," in reality it is oriented to the power user. There are many things in here you can't find even in the official (K)Ubuntu documentation (unless they have copied it over).

Besides, often the GUI's are usually relatively easy to figure out -- most people don't need instructions for them.

Anyway, check back sometime after April 19 -- I should have all the Trusty pages inserted, and then please edit them how you like! Thanks again.

You can sign your message with 4 tildes (~~~~) Perspectoff 15:59, 14 April 2014 (UTC)

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